Session Topics:

* vision                                                           

* image understanding                             

* audition                                                              

* speech and language                       

* unsupervised learning                          

* supervised learning                                   

* reinforcement and emotion                      

* sensory-motor control                   

* cognition, planning, and attention

* spatial mapping and navigation                                       

* object recognition

* neural circuit models

* neural system models 

* mathematics of neural systems

* robotics 

* hybrid systems (fuzzy, evolutionary, digital)

* neuromorphic VLSI

* industrial applications

* other


Contributed abstracts must be received, in English, by January 31, 2007. Email notification of acceptance will be provided by February 28, 2007.  A meeting registration fee must accompany each Abstract. The fee will be returned if the Abstract is not accepted for presentation. Fees of accepted Abstracts will be returned on request only until April 13, 2007.


Each Abstract must fit on one side of an 8.5" x 11" page with 1" margins on all sides in a single-spaced, single-column format with a font of 10 points or larger. The title, authors, affiliations, and surface and email addresses should begin each Abstract. A cover letter should include the abstract title; corresponding author and presenting author name, address, telephone, fax, and email address; requested preference for oral or poster presentation; and a first and second choice from the topics above, including whether it is biological (B) or technological (T) work [Example: first choice: vision (T); second choice: neural system models (B)].


Talks will be 15 minutes long. Posters will be displayed for a full day. Overhead, slide, and LCD computer projector facilities will be available for talks. Accepted Abstracts will be printed in the conference proceedings volume. No extended paper will be required.


Four copies of the Abstract should be mailed to Cynthia Bradford, Boston University, CNS Department, 677 Beacon Street, Boston MA 02215 USA. Abstracts may also be submitted electronically as M/S Word files to using the phrase “11th ICCNS abstract submission” in the subject line. Fax submissions will not be accepted.


REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Early registration is recommended using the registration form below. Student registrations must be accompanied by a letter of verification from a department chairperson or faculty/research advisor.


STUDENT TRAVEL FELLOWSHIPS: Fellowships for PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows who do not live in the Boston area are available to help cover travel costs. The application deadline is January 31, 2007. Email notification will occur by February 28, 2007. Fellowship applications must be submitted as paper hardcopy to the abstract submission address shown above. Each application should include the applicant's CV; faculty or PhD research advisor's name, address, and email address; relevant courses and other educational data; and a list of research articles. A letter from the listed faculty or PhD advisor on institutional stationery must accompany the application and summarize how the candidate may benefit from the meeting. Fellowship applicants who also submit an Abstract need to include the registration fee payment with their Abstract submission. Fellowship checks will be distributed after the meeting.