• Nov 2016 Barb gives an invited lecture at the Hawaii ASA/ASJ meeting on hearing in special populations
  • Nov 2016 Sophie and Barb participate in ASHA Research Mentoring Pair program (yay Sophie!)
  • Nov 2016 ASHA attendees learn about "When the ears interact with the brain" from Barb
  • Nov 2016 Barb gives the invited lecture at that 2016 Auditory Perception, Cognition, and Action meeting
  • Nov 2016 Sophie's poster on the development of auditory processing is selected as a Hot Topic
  • Oct 2016 Scott and Lengshi both have papers in press!
  • Sept 2016 Barb visits UPenn to give a seminar
  • Sept 2016 In Berkeley, Barb gets to participate in the "Hearing into 2030" workshop on the future of hearing devices
  • Sept 2016 Barb gives a plenary lecture and two invited talks at the International Congress on Acoustics in Buenos Aires
  • July 2016 The NSF Engaged Learning Network holds its first workshop at Boston University
  • June 2016 Barb gives a seminar at UCSD
  • June 2016 Barb participates in the Attention Across the Senses workshop at UCL
  • June 2016 Barb gives a half-day tutorial at the Connecticut Academy of Audiology annual conference
  • Apr 2016 Barb is named an AIMBE fellow
See some of my thoughts about working in science, including comments about work and family, in this Q & A published in Current Biology: Q & A: Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
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Women of the Acoustical Society of America.