• May 2016 Sophie receives the first Royal Arch Masons Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Apr 2016 BU receives a new pre- and post-doctoral training grant in Communication Sciences
  • Apr 2016 Barb is named an AIMBE fellow
  • Feb 2016 Yuqi and Abby give super, back-to-back presentations at ARO
  • Feb 2016 Vibha gives her first conference presentation at ARO
  • Feb 2016 Abby rocks the podium and Sam the poster session at the NSF Science of Learning Conference
  • Jan 2016 Proofs for Abby's Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics paper arrive
  • Dec 2015 Barb visits Kresge Hearing Institute at the University of Michigan
  • Nov 2015 Barb catches up with Sarah Verhulst at the Hearing4All meeting in Oldenburg
  • Nov 2015 Scott and Barb attend a DoD meeting about neurodegeneration
  • Nov 2015 Yuqi gives her first poster presentation at the Acoustical Society-- (thanks, Prof. Inyong!)
  • Nov 2015 Barb speaks at the "Closing the Loop" conference in Hannover
  • Fall 2015 We start our collaboration with Walter Reed examining effects of blast exposure on hearing
  • Fall 2015 Our new Games for Engaging Learning network is born
See some of my thoughts about working in science, including comments about work and family, in this Q & A published in Current Biology: Q & A: Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
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Women of the Acoustical Society of America.