• July 2015 Sam Michalka's paper is in press in Neuron
  • July 2015 Barb is in town for a full week-- for the first time in over a month.
  • July 2015 Lenny Varghese's paper is in press in Brain Research
  • June 2015 Le Wang's work leads to a Coulter Foundation award
  • June 2015 Hannah Goldberg's paper is in press in iPerception
  • June 2015 Lia Bonacci and Yuqi Deng are awarded fellowships in Computational Neuroscience
  • June 2015 Goldie Mehraei wins a travel award to ISAAR this summer
  • June 2015 Scott Bressler's hard work pays off with a TBI grant to collaborate with Walter Reed
  • June 2015 Goldie Mehraei wins a post-doctoral fellowship to study with Torsten Dau next year
  • June 2015 Vibha Viswanathan joins the lab as a Research Assistant
  • May 2015 Lia Bonacci, Yuqi Deng, Jasmine Kwasa, and Sophie Schwartz join the lab officially
  • May 2015 Research Professor Inyong Choi accepts a tenure-track job at Iowa
  • May 2015 Darrin Reed joins the lab as a post-doctoral fellow
  • April 2015 Jasmine Kwasa wins both an NSF pre-doctoral fellowship AND a Ford Foundation fellowship
See some of my thoughts about working in science, including comments about work and family, in this Q & A published in Current Biology: Q & A: Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
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Women of the Acoustical Society of America.